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Product loyalty points

Product membership integral

The only choice“Product toyopet”Member of one unified communications platform;The platform integrates cloud database、Business intelligenceOTO、B2CThe electronic commerce、CRMMember management system, etc,And effectively solves the long plagued enterprise in anti-counterfeiting、The problem of preventing channeling goods logistics。

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Product traceability

Traceability of the whole product

Only choose the whole and traceability system is a set of automatic identification technologyITTechnology。Enterprises can for each piece of goods from source to all the links to track sales,Can improve the safety of the goods。

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Product packaging red envelope marketing

Marketing of red package for product packaging

Product packaging red envelope qr code promotion,After let consumers to buy the product——WeChat scan the qr code——Can take a red envelope;The main function of the system is to improve the terminal consumer of interactive products,So that sales of the ascent of the whole enterprise。

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The transregional technology products

Cuanhuo technology products

Each product with a unique logistics code(By labeling、The integration of tags、Laser engraved code、Printing ink, etc),When product outbound by scanning a gun/PDARecord the flow of products,Inspectors by judging whether the product logistics code on the market goods。

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